Nadine & Nicholas

Words can't fully express my gratitude and appreciation. Though it was short notice, three weeks to be exact lol. Shanelle and her team pulled of the impossible. From helping me stay focused and stress free as much as possible to creating an elegant reception that exceeded our expectations.

On behalf of my husband and I.

Thank you Something Sapphire!

- Nicholas & Nadine

23.12.2017 <3 

Ryan & Gillane

zeus_theking33 - An eye for detail, creativity at it's best and someone who loves what they do is this best way to describe @somethingsapphire, thank you so much for adding to our story and making it unique and personal, you rock.🤴💯🤴

prettyphoebe25 - Thank you @somethingsapphire for this really dope set up! Y 'all really delivered, it was truly royal and we keep getting compliments on how lovely it was. Thanks again.

Kingston, Jamaica

Tel: 876-541-4328


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